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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

White van!

Trying to save some fuel money - making the most of the dry days by moto-sicklin' to work. This morning, me and the monkey nearly became a grease spot on a white van. Car pulled out to slingshot past an artic stealing the road in front of me. Builder's van decided likewise. Hello hedge.

Luckily the Blessed Lady of Acceleration had forsaken me! Fuel tap had blocked and I was limping along at moped speeds...

Update: Another van had me in it's sights as I crossed the main road in the village barely feet from home. Red one this time! Ha! Missd me! Guess I'm either small enough to avoid, or too large for a bonnet mascot.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Confessions of a wheel nut

Bathroom cold tap started dripping about 3 years ago. Drip became a trickle became a flood.
There's now an empty chocolate spread jar upside down on top of it to stop people turning it on...

Sitting at the Supernats, kids sharing chips, clear dark night falling. Talk turned to that first spark of interest. For friends, the music was first, followed by the obligatory Consul, before leading to hot rods.

Probably my uncle's fault, but for me the cars came first. 1973, it was he who gave me a copy of Custom Car aged eight, green cover, with an original T Tourer on the cover, machine gun mounted in the rear... anyone have a spare copy, mine's a little ragged?! Played in a Pop in the garden till it was replaced by a 100E. Cried for days when some pikeys cut it up. First drove, aged 7, around the farm tracks and fields in a 105E, whilst blackberry picking. Helped uncle with his 1340 Anglia engine change and the V4 Mk2 Cortina swap. Changed the clutch in my yellow painted, red flamed (Dulux flicked from a toothbrush) Anglia, aged 11, using a broken ratchet Haltrac hoist tied to the neighbours fence to defy gravity.

By the time I hit teens, I'd dragged home an Austin Devon pickup. Stripped apart, welding abilities failed me - sold for parts with just the number plate left to remind me.

Hit the road, impoverished student, shiny topped, crispy silled, Mk1 Consul. Lived in it, slept in it, tail dragging the village disco circuit, pressing dubious vinyl into the hands of suspicious Dj's to play. Just the once... Vespas, Lambrettas, Mini's by the multiple dozen - thrashed without mercy.

The Caister/Hemsby Rock and/or Roll thing given up to build my first hot rod T. T given up to play in a band. Band given up and finally finished my flathead T modified. By which time, I was a family of three. Then four. Restored a T just to learn how to dance the pedals. Kate ill again - so a big, comfy sofa, '51 Chevy, for a season. And now the Fordor, shabby and loveable.

I must have driven the planet. Loving every costly blessed mile.

And I'm sitting in the queue leaving the Supernats, waiting reasonably patiently as a lowered Consul Capri scrapes slowly over the speed bumps pondering the other wheel nuts around. In front of me; a megabuck Range Rover towing a huge caravan. Surely lost?
£60K dark glass wagon towing say a £30K trailer? They could have saved a few thou and bought something to actually take part in? Likewise, camped across from us all weekend was a shiny "metal made to look like plastic" street rod beneath it's gazebo complete with an entourage of half a dozen modern cars and caravans. Support vehicle madness? Never turned a wheel all weekend until the Sunday showfield roll call.

There's something I'm not getting.

Still. Mile down the road, riding along in my own little world, wearing the bearings, and loving it.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Never felt more like singing the blues...

I love the Blues. I guess some people don't get "it". I don't necessarily, but hey, it matters not. I still love the Blues. From hick blues songs of Billy Wallace and the Bamba Drifters to the world weariness of delta bluesmen like Frank Frost. The Rythym & Blues that begat Soul. No, not R n' bloody B - what next?! Calling Green Day a punk band?! Jeessh.

Anyway. The Blues. Sad songs about heartbreak, loneliness, hardship. Beautiful songs of woe. Works for me. No matter what life offers up, no money fixes it like a blues song. Listening to someone else's troubles that are worse than your own - lifts my spirits!

Old cartoon stuck in my head. Wealthy looking singer, alone on a stool in the recording studio - "I've got the so much money, I don't know what to do with it Blues..."

That. And Screaming Jay Hawkins "Constipation Blues". Real pain...

Soul gladdened.

Normal service

This melancholy moment was brought to you by tidying out the cupboard beneath the stairs. Multiple years of hoarding enough memorabilia and rubbish to fill both the kitchen and the dining room packed into a five by five by three wedge.

Took two days. No, I lie. It's not finished. There's still piles of magazines to sort through for the keepers. I think I may of sprained the bin man's shoulder last week...

Two years from D-day

Awake. Fuzzy head, dehydrated, aches n' pains. Topping up on pink grapefruit squash.
In the Heat of the Night on the box.

"They call me Mister Tibbs!"

Last saw this nigh on eons ago. First night out playing after the demise of the band. Back turned climbing out of my overcoat, BOOM, CRASH, splinters. Two part bass, no playing tonight. Home to the sofa, comfort of home, comfort of love. Crazy cracked chaos to sensible sort it solution.

Delores, white trash trouble on the telly. The night I named my musical wardrobe...

It's two in the morning. To cuddle till there's breath no more. How do I explain? Oh to a future, yet the past so real.
Tickity tock.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Stir crazy

Stuck working at home - although this week of all weeks I had no desire to go into work - with my little sick Alice off school. Only a matter of time before I go down with whatever bug is getting her down. Aches, pains, sickness. Joy.

Distractions a-plenty. Broken tap, blocked drain. Just had to rush out despite the weather and wash the mould from the window to get a better view of the drizzly world...

Courgettes again for tea I reckon. The most prolific produce from the allotment so far!