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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

More lost things...

Well, I've been continuing the search for lost things. A camera and a V5 this time. Why do I remember what I've lost and yet not where I've put it?

Hah! Still, this gem slipped out from yet another pile of paperwork. Written "oh so long ago" inspired by a Gary Larson cartoon...

Edgar's found his Purpose.

Edgar's found his Purpose
He's got the whole damn lot.
He's turned the key on reason,
and now he knows what's not.

Edgar's found the remedy
to turn back missing time
Till the day before is dawning,
And everything seems fine.

Well that solves everything then. Using the word 'got' was a deliberate jibe at my English teacher who went to great lengths to impress upon us it's redundancy. That and the abhorrence that is the word 'nice'...

Bump, scrape, grind.

Wonderful weekend last summer.
Alice. Me. The ol' Fordor.
Field. Tent. Tap. Beer.
Morning. Bounce, splash, scrape, charge. Lovely day.
Up, breakfast, Curboro' sprint, Castrol R. Super.
Drive home, non-stop, heat, sun, exhaust fumes, bad head. Not dead. Neighbours barbeque, bath. Wiped out.

Seemed like a good idea when it was still wet n' cold n' winter. Curborough VSCC Sprint, just a few miles from a friends backyard. Why not go up early, have a day or so bumping the ol' Cee-dan around the Staffordshire countryside, go to the sprint on Sunday and drive home? Most pleasant.

Went back through that way yesterday. Rain. Wind. Sleet. Snow.
Really hope to do that all again this year!!