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Friday, October 29, 2010

Click. Brrrrrrr.....

Chatting to the ether. Less than white noise in return.
Not to be disturbed, no keyboard sparring with the wicker teapot.
Click. Brrrrr.....

Monday, October 18, 2010


Harvest time. There's a hundred and one things I should be doing. Instead the dining table is now covered in jars of beetroot chutney, pickled onions, garlic cloves bobbing in spiced oil, apple chutney and for good measure there's a goodly five gallons of dark yuletide ale bubbling into life.

And beside it all last night's Scrabble score of 250-odd to 475. Against. Beautifully beaten to bed...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New phone

No trumpets.
No fanfare.
No Android.
No iPhone.
No smarty pants phone at all, just the cheapest cheapie phone that I could buy to replace my ancient dying Nokia that I swapped for a 99p penknife.
No it's not turned on.
No you can't have the number.
Know me too well.

People with Flat Heads at Prescott.

I first went to Prescott to watch a damp VSCC meet about 14 years ago. Tripped down in the band van, parked in a field on the hill. Discussed three-wheelers with Dick Buckland. It took me till last year to make it back as a spectator when I parked my scruffy A Fordor in the Orchard. The only set of whitewalls amongst the VSCC set...

Summer was a washout this year with no time nor money to enjoy but when I was badgered into entering for October the 2nd I knew I had to do it. Had to! Driving there and back in sheet rain and sleeping on nothing but a blanket in a ridiculously small tent? Didn't notice. Had a tense couple of weeks sorting out my very own barn-find roadster - it'd been standing up for 2 years. Squeaked it down for an MOT with a few days to spare, fitted the tyres up last week, ignored the slapping piston and clunking back axle and thrashed it a couple of hundred miles across the country.What could possibly go wrong?!
Fun? Oh yes...