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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fat boy. No slim.

Last years new years resolution. Downsizing me. Didn't happen. All this sitting at a screen for too many hours in a day is still increasing the cuddliness.

No amount of gigging (too near the bar) or digging (too near the fresh produce) has changed my current configuration. Homemade cider, wine, cheese, and the general sweet excesses of Christmas have not helped. One bit. Well - in the absence of scales, I suspect that to be the case...

Still. The sudden cold spell has sent me out into the garage beating on chill steel for another entropy suspension mission. Another Model A - a pickup this time. On a charge to complete it for the summer months and press it into usefulness upon the allotment. If only as an oversize wheelbarrow for this years courgette mountain.

Been learning myself some fresh skills, beyond pounding curves into 18 gauge steel, too. Unfortunately it's involved more screen sitting, but the self esteem boost during my darkness travelling to windowless office world is worth it. Probably.

So. This years resolution? Carry on happily ignoring my failed shape shifting and get to recording the new songs what I writ last year?
Tune in next year I guess and see where that gets me....