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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Curried Pea Soup.

Upright freezer didn't actually die. Just took it upon itself to start freezing on the outside too... Replacements came courtesy of some new neighbours - a smaller upright freezer and a complimentary fridge to stand on top.

Which is a long way round explanation as to the excess of frozen garden peas that a "two-for-one" Morrison's deal forced us to buy... After three days of peas with everything it was time for a more drastic solution.

Curried Pea Soup.

2 small, or one larger onion. (Y'know, some onion will be just fine.)
Garlic. (My choice, I don't have to kiss me so I went with four cloves.)
1 Red bell pepper.
1/2 teaspoon chilli powder.
1/2 teaspoon of dried mint.
1 tablespoon of Balti curry powder.(Again my choice, it's all I had...)
1 carrot. Chopped or grated. (Optional. It was leftover from the day before with a sprig of broccoli...)
1 vegetable stock cube. (Or a teaspoon of Marmite if you prefer. I did.)
Salt/pepper to suit.
Dash of double cream.
1 bag of frozen peas. Obviously

Chop n' fry the garlic, onion and pepper in a little oil.
Add the seasoning.
Dissolve the stock cube (or alternative...) in a mug of boiling water and pour it in.
Stir in the peas, chopped/grated carrot. Bring to the boil and simmer for about 6-10 minutes. Add extra water if required (I used a little cider that was too hand...)
Hit it with a blender to hide any 'extras' the kids won't like. See if it needs any extra seasoning - or open another bag of peas if you've been a little generous!
Stir in the cream to suit, remove from the heat and shout 'why isn't the table laid yet??!' as if it would make any difference.
Enjoy. Surprisingly my two came back for more, but then they're used to my cooking by now!
And, yes. It freezes. Of course I didn't have that option...